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Brandi Carlile: New Album 'I Forgive You' Is About Life 'Being F--king Hard'

Brandi Carlile chats about life's hard knocks and ups and downs with Rolling Stone

Brandi Carlile's new album pulls no punches.  As she notes, her new work, 'I Forgive You' Is About Life 'Being F--king Hard'... and she knows what she's talking about!

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With Flowers on Her Shoes

DIY your shoes and rock the party like it's 1999
Before leaving on an adventure with her BF, Violet Sky reached into her closet and found an old pair of shoes that had lost their magic - inspired by a glass of wine and some paint, she gave that old pair a facelift and is here to share her DIY with you.

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Is Social Media Getting You Down? Time to De-stress.

Social media and devices stressing you out?... put it down and relax a little.

Julia Locanto has plenty to say about social media, stress and keeping up with the technology Joneses. Don't miss it!

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Groupie - noun group·ie \ˈgrü-pē

: member of a community who seeks like-minded thinkers and devotees
: person who goes after what they want with unparalleled passion, devolution and determination
: a free-spirited muse and source of inspiration