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It’s About The Music, Man

Devyn Crimson blogs for GroupieU

It's all about the music for blogger, fashionista and Groupie contributor Devyn Severson. Touring through the Netherlands with her guitar playing BF and his band, Devyn now shares her love of life, romance and the music that inspires here 24/7.

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Magical Trip

Violet Skyy loves to share her adventures with all here Groupie friends and here's another great road trip with her BF... read all about it and she will inspire you to plan your own adventure.
Groupie's own Violett Sky, has taken off on another wonderful adventure with BF, Billy. Northern California, among the beautiful Redwood can be a romantic and very cold place - especially when your naked... extra - extra - read all about it!

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Times have changed since the Summer of Love and Groupie is happy to post this Pamela Des Barres blog from 2017 - Pamela  writes on being a truly liberated, fearless female and the challenges of standing your ground. 

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Groupie - noun group·ie \ˈgrü-pē

: member of a community who seeks like-minded thinkers and devotees
: person who goes after what they want with unparalleled passion, devolution and determination
: a free-spirited muse and source of inspiration