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Groupie - noun group·ie \ˈgrü-pē

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Welcome to Pamela’s blog, where you Dolls can read what’s on Miss Pamela’s mind on any given day of the week. Join us as she reflects on music’s revolution inspiring past, its future, and the important and fun topics that interest us all. So participate in the conversation and be a part of the Groupie revolution..
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THE DREAM" is an amazing collaboration with music written and performed by Jazz Mills and brought to life by award winning Austin Texas filmmaker Felix Lenz. Together they have created a world that opens the imagination and the heart.

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"The Girls" Author Emma Cline on the Novel That Earned Her a $2 Million Advance

Cosmopolitan Emma Cline by ElizaThe Girls is an engrossing, beautifully written account of one young woman's association with a hippie cult, loosely inspired by Charles Manson's infamous Family and the grisly murders they committed in 1969. 

When did you first become interested in the Manson murders?
I'm from Northern California, and both my parents are from California and were teenagers around the time of the Manson murders, so it was a big touchstone for them, culturally.

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How To Get The Rock Chick Look: Pamela Des Barres And Bebe Buell On ‘Groupie’ Beauty

Huff PostMusic and beauty appear to be having a moment. And we’re talking way heavier than Rihanna’s hotly anticipated cosmetics range, Gwen Stefani’s collaboration with Urban Decay, and Katy Perry’s lipstick line for Cover Girl.the all-girl LA-based rock band The GTO’s (Girls Together Outrageously). 

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Pamela Des Barres: Writing Coach and Living Legend

Huffington PostI wish you could’ve heard my reaction when my friend Sheva first told me last year that Pamela Des Barres was teaching a writing class in New York City for two consecutive nights. “Miss P,” as Mick Jagger called her back in the day, was an icon of mine since the 1960s when she was a member of the all-girl LA-based rock band The GTO’s (Girls Together Outrageously). 

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