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Groupie - noun group·ie \ˈgrü-pē

: member of a community who seeks like-minded thinkers and devotees
: person who goes after what they want with unparalleled passion, devolution and determination
: a free-spirited muse and source of inspiration

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See what's happening in music, fashion, art and a blogosphere filled with talented Groupie's like you. Follow Julia Antenucci's #Girlbossmoment and discover your own road to equal pay, and catch Nicole Yi's Self-Care Challenge to totally spoil yourself.  Our own Ms. Pamela's new blog, COCK A DOODLE DOO muses on our free-thinking and inspiring heros. So, join the conversation and become part of the Groupie revolution... And share your own thoughts, blogs and creativity at We'd love to hear from you.

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THE DREAM" is an amazing collaboration with music written and performed by Jazz Mills and brought to life by award winning Austin Texas filmmaker Felix Lenz. Together they have created a world that opens the imagination and the heart.

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‘Legendary groupie’ turns writing coach: Pamela Des Barres on how to write from your soul

Had she gone to law school instead of on tour, tended to  the needs of the underserved rather than the overexposed,  well, Pamela Des Barres might be running for president.

 “I don’t believe in regret, of course, so I don’t wish I had  followed another path,” the self-described “legendary  groupie” said the other day. But if I had put the same focus and determination and  dedication into politics that I had for getting next to those  people, I could be Hillary Clinton right now. Instead, I was with the band.”

Was she ever. Des Barres, now 67, has made a career of her adventures, romps and relationships with rock icons like Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger and Keith Moon.

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Was glam any different from pop? Simon Reynolds has the answer in "Shock and Awe"


Myriad books have been written about the birth of punk, its cultural godparents in the Warhol Factory and Detroit, and distaff cousins in the United Kingdom, where Margaret Thatcher was punk’s evil stepmother. Yet with a few exceptions, punk’s gold-sequined older sibling, glam rock, has mostly been ignored by the critical establishment. Simon Reynolds’ “Shock and Awe” goes a long way to fill that void. If David Bowie’s death inspired more writers to tackle the subject, they’ll be hard-pressed to surpass Reynolds’ work. 

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Love Letter to Catherine Trammel of ‘Basic Instinct’ and Sharon Stone

I love bitches. Or, rather, I love the women in film that we have come to call bitches; unrepentant, confident, cunning women. We call them bitches because that’s our word for when a female character behaves anywhere near as badly as the men on screen who have sex and murder and act without emotion—the men we often call anti-heroes. My love of these characters doesn’t come as a surprise, though; in a world where we are often apologetic and attempting to make ourselves smaller, it’s so freeing to watch a woman behave badly. 


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