16 Types of Guys You Will Always Meet at the Bar

May 17, 2017

The weekend is making its grand arrival and that means you're going out, am I right? Whether you plan on hitting the bar scene with your girls or you're looking for a new guy, there are certain types of guys you will run into — there's just no avoiding it. Some men are tolerable, while others have behaviors that are downright repulsive. It's OK, we've all been there. Check out the different kinds of guys you just might encounter on a night out.

1... The Starer

Does he ever blink? Or look at anything else?

2... The Relentless Guy

You just met him, and he's already throwing sexual innuendos at you. And he just. Won't. Stop. Ew, go away.

3...The Oversharer                                                                             Perhaps he had a little too much to drink, because he just told you way too much about his ex-girlfriend.

4... The "Writer"

He wants you to think he's intellectual and cool, so he tells you about all of his masterpieces — careful, he might pull out a haiku to recite to you in the middle of the bar.

5... The Bad Dancer

Oh god, don't let him choose you as his next victim.

6... The Abrasive Dancer

You are dancing with him whether you like it or not. You're tired? Sorry, I don't think he heard that.

7... The Shockingly Good Dancer

He's so good, it's scary. He's one in a million, and when he reaches for your hand you'll probably hide in the women's bathroom out of fear from his pure charm.

8... The Beggar

"Why are you going home so early? Please stay. Pleaseeee? Stay the night with me. Please."

9... The Bartender

The bartender deserves an entire archetyping of his own. There's good ones, there's bad ones, but the best ones will give you a drink when you ask the first time.

10... The Tag-Teamer

He's always with a friend, and he's always on the prowl.

11... The Winker

You're not sure if it's endearing or downright creepy. Or maybe he has something in his eye .

12... The Wallflower

He's unsure if you're staring him down or not, so it's likely nothing is going to happen.

13... The Old Friend

Caution! The most dangerous of bar-goers are "old friends" you haven't seen in a while that supercharge you with sexual tension.

14... The Singer

There's nothing like a guy howling classics in your ear.

15... The Big Spender

Shots for the whole bar! Who's complaining?

16... The Guy Who's Too Drunk to Function

Poor guy, just sitting in the corner sloppily stuffing his face with bar nuts and warm beer. He's harmless — standing up is a challenge in itself.

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