Behind the Velvet Curtain

March 22, 2018 3 Comments

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I am looking around and all of a sudden it is 1968. I’m decked out in velvet, bell bottoms, platform heels and mod makeup in a dingy downtown LA venue with other fellow hippies and music lovers. Rock and roll is growing and breathing and evolving in front of me. The people have realized they can’t trust their government and we are again, beginning to distrust our own president. People of color are still being carelessly murdered in the streets, in front, AND INSIDE of their own homes. Women are being silenced and buried in whatever way the patriarchy can manage. Even still, in spite of all of this, we rise like the flower children. We resist. We fight, and rock and roll, poetry, art and love is our fuel. It is 2018 and it is 1968. The flower children are beginning to bloom again, and with it, a new wave of rock and roll. Poems, melodies and harmonies are weaved together in a way that fills my heart and gives me the same familiar feeling Pink Floyd, the Flying Burrito Brothers and Jackson Browne have been giving me since childhood. Rock and roll is alive and I am so lucky to be here in my grandmother’s hand me down platform heels to witness it.

Red, blue, green and pink lights flood the atmosphere, leaving the band draped in a psychedelic hue. My breath is taken away with each guitar lick and note sung by the band on stage. I am witnessing something that I don’t think anyone has the words for and every sinew in my body aches to be a part of it. But then again, I guess that’s how everyone felt seeing Zeppelin or Pink Floyd in the 60s and 70s.

My eyes are locked on the angel who sings with his eyes closed. I watch as his body contorts as if the music is pouring out of him in every way it can. He’s bending and manipulating his guitar strings with everything in his soul. It’s truly incredible to see a musician get lost in his music. However, It’s the moments of stillness, when he presses his lips to the microphone and squeezes his eyes closed and sings his song that I find truly remarkable. There is something incredible going on behind his closed eyes. The words to my favorite song flood out of his mouth in ecstasy as he presses his lips to the microphone. He closes his eyes when he sings… What that must be like… What is going on behind those eye lids that fall closed like a velvet curtain. I imagine the most magnificent things I can think of: nebulas expanding and changing colors, galaxies colliding, stars being born. But I know that I may never know what happens behind that velvet curtain, and that’s the magic of it. His words and the music dig into my soul and wrap around my heart keeping it beating. This incredible feeling takes hold of my entire body… Like every cell in my body is coming home. The vibrations of the bass meld themselves to my sinews and I have no choice but to dance and smile as the ecstasy of rock and roll fills my soul. The band is sweating and grooving and panting and creating magic in front of me and I am a part of it!

I look to the mystery man singing my favorite song and again, I’m enchanted. He is creating something no mere mortal can begin to even imagine. That’s why us groupies refer to these music men as gods. I think if there is any existence of God in this world, it is in the music that these men wearing bell bottoms, old t-shirts and with hair that often outgrows mine, so brilliantly create. How else do you explain Pink Floyd? An act of GOD.

The angel who sings with his eyes closed opens his eyes for just a moment and he locks them on mine. This is the incredible part. The scene where the god meets his muse. He is looking into my eyes and in this moment, we both know. There is an understanding between us; something so intrinsic, so natural for a musician and a muse. Like our souls were meant to find each other. For a muse, there is no greater fulfillment than the connection between these two minds. Groupies and musicians are meant to be together, and we always find a way. Always. It’s in our nature.  

I am yours and you are mine

Together we have stopped the passage of time

I’d like to stay in this moment right here

Where the universe has made it inherently clear:

All we need is each other.

I sway and swoon to your hymns and tunes

As you watch me while singin’ the blues

My soul ascends above the crowded room

And our hearts are reaching their fullest bloom

If tonight is all we have

Tonight will last forever

For when a muse and a musician come together

Nothing could ever possibly feel any better

By Bek Stanley



3 Responses

Long Tall Angie
Long Tall Angie

May 11, 2018

This is so beautiful oh my god :’)


March 28, 2018

I love this!

Karen Millman
Karen Millman

March 28, 2018

This is awesome from the very first word to the last! You’ve really captured the magical spirit and painted the perfect picture of that frequently felt but always exhilarating experience that all we Groupies know so well. Thank you for posting this – it made my day!

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