Brain Farts That Ruin Your Day And How To Fix Them!

June 01, 2017

Being a parent is not easy, and you may have to deal with brain farts every now and then. These momentary lapses in judgment are actually referred to as maladaptive brain activity changes by researchers, and they will happen. They are especially common if you are doing something you do every day because the brain gets bored. The best thing you can do is know how to fix those mistakes when they occur, which is what the following five tips will help you do.

1. The Wallet Situation

Kids can be stressful, and it might get to the point that you forget your wallet at home. You can call a friend or family member to bail you out, or you can talk to the manager. One of the best solutions is to leave the store manager something valuable like your watch or something similar. Then, you can go back home and get your wallet.

2. Bad Backup

Backing out of your garage is an everyday thing, but it becomes a little more complicated with kids who might be giving you a hard time. This is around the time that some parents make the mistake of backing up into the garage door. You will need to call your garage door specialist as soon as possible because a damaged garage door puts your home in jeopardy.

3. Forgetful Mind

You might walk into a room or sit down in front of your computer and forget why you are there. There is not much you can do about these situations, except retrace your steps to see if that jolts your memory. Make it a habit to talk about your intentions to others, just in case someone else can refresh your memory.

4. Locked Out

Getting locked out of your home or car is perhaps one of the worst feelings, especially if your kids are with you and you know no one is coming home soon. The simplest solution is to call an emergency locksmith like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc., or someone similar who is local to your area, as soon as you can. You do not want to stand out in the elements for too long because kids do not respond well to boredom.

5. Make it a Joke

There are times when brain farts cause you to say the wrong thing. For example, you might say “you too” to a waiter who told you to enjoy your meal. It might be time to adopt a phrase to help during these moments, like daddy brain or mommy brain, just to name a few.

Hopefully, your brain farts do not happen often, but these tips should help when these moments do arise.

by Kara Masterson

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