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January 28, 2018 1 Comment

       Boss Girl attitudes and Groupie's independent vibe = a great DO IT FOR YOU blog by blogger and GroupieU collaborator, Dev X

Hello darlings! As life goes, sometimes you get put into a situation where you’re forced to stand your ground or simply say “no”. I get that this may not be a difficult task to some, and in that case I envy you! I have always been afraid of upsetting someone or disappointing them so I tend to just suck it up in order to save their feelings. For example, one time I was out vintage shopping and these sweet elderly ladies running the shop had cookies out for Christmas. The ladies offered me a cookie and I politely declined because I don’t like cookies really, but they insisted and I didn’t want to be rude… Well, I ended up eating the cookie and within a few moments I could feel a thousand needles in my mouth. The cookies had tree nuts in them which I am very allergic to.

The ladies continued talking to me and I was so scared of hurting their feelings, so I just held the cookie in my mouth until they walked away and I could spit it out without them seeing. Things like that. Anyway, I am trying to change that need to save everyone’s feelings all the time.

Yes, you need to be a good and nice person but that is to an extent and that line gets crossed when it is something that directly affects you! Of course, part of it is how you handle the situation and yourself. What I am saying here, I guess, is to stand up for yourself and don’t let people take advantage of your kindness! Always continue to be kind and love, though. Love yourself enough to not allow other people to walk on top of you.

Always love,

Dev X

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February 01, 2018

I know how you feel about it. I have no idea you are allergic to tree nuts.You didn’t have to buy it at all. I understand you are afraid of hurting people feelings. You’re a great girl. I couldn’t have anything has nuts in it. Love your posts Devyn!

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