How to get Coachella 2017 tickets

April 05, 2017

Did you miss out on getting tickets for the 2017 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival with Radiohead,
Lady Gaga and Kendrick Lamar in the pre-sale last year or when the lineup was announced?

With less than two weeks before Coachella returns to the Empire Polo Club April 14-16 and April 21-23 for its 19th year, we’ve got ideas for last-minute Coachella tickets--and one of them includes tasty food.

And just how much are Coachella tickets? At this point, it depends on which route you go, but unless you win a contest or have a friend who lives in the desert, expect to pay more than the price all your friends paid in the pre-sale.

Here are 7 ways you can still get tickets to Coachella 2017.

1. Eat dinner and a get a Coachella pass.
It’s no secret that Coachella has upped its food game big time in recent years. And one of the perks is that Outstanding in the Field brings out a massive list of celebrity chefs for family-style gourmet meals in a VIP area. As a bonus, they release a few more Coachella general admission passes and VIP passes.

This is a legit way to get into the festival without worrying about scammers, but it will cost you.

How much are these Coachella tickets?

A 3-day general admission pass and one seat at the Outstanding in the Field dinner is $624 per person. A 3-day VIP pass and one seat at the Outstanding in the Field dinner is $1124 per person.

If you already have tickets, booking an Outstanding in the Field dinner is another $225.

Note that you have to pick a dinner seating--5:30 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. and you won’t know if it will conflict with your favorite act since set times aren’t out yet.

However, you also get access to the VIP Rose Garden for the day of your dinner, so that’s a plus.

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2. Go camping.

You can still get access to the festival and a place to sleep with tents set up by the festival.

Lake Eldorado still has some four-person teepees available for weekend 2, April 21-23. The set-up includes a 12x14-foot tent already pitched and outfitted with four cots, four sleeping bags and four pillows.

Again, this is a legit way to get into Coachella.

How much are these Coachella tickets?

A four-person general admission tent at Lake Eldorado is $3,196 total.

A four-person VIP admission tent is $5,200

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3. Splurge on really upscale camping.
The Safari Tents at Coachella are the Cadillacs of camping. You get an air-conditioned tent with real beds, Guest passes (which get you into those viewing areas where the celebs hang out). You also get to ride golf carts between the stages, enjoy breakfast and late night sets, restrooms, showers and an on-site concierge.

How much are these Coachella tickets?

$7,500 for two guests. You can add two more guests for $1,750 each.

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4. Book a travel package.
Valley Music Travel has worked with Coachella the last few years to pair hotels in the Coachella Valley with the festival for travel packages.

At this point, the pickings are very slim, but there are a couple of rooms available where you can still get passes for weekend 2, April 21-23.

How much are these Coachella tickets?

For three nights at the Hilton Palm Springs weekend 2, a two-person general admission package is $3,109. A two-person VIP package runs $4,115.

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5. Know a local.
If you have a friend who lives in the Coachella Valley and wants to go to Coachella, you could be in luck.

A limited number of general admission passes will go on sale from 9 a.m.- 7 p.m. (or while supplies last) for Coachella Weekend 1 (April 14-16) on Wednesday, April 12, and for Coachella Weekend 2 (April 21-23) on Wednesday, April 19, at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden Box Office.

What you need to know: the person buying the pass has to have proof that they live there--by a California Driver’s License or ID card and is limited to two passes. (These are the valid zip codes: 92201, 92202, 92203, 92210, 92211, 92230, 92234, 92236, 92240, 92241, 92253, 92254, 92255, 92258, 92260, 92261 – 92264, 92270, 92274, 92275, 92276, AND 92292).

The guest must be with the purchaser because festival staff will attach the wristbands to you (you can’t transfer the pass, by the way).

How much are these Coachella tickets?

Each pass is $399 (but prices may change).

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6. Win tickets to Coachella.
Feeling lucky? There are still some ways to win Coachella 2017 passes.

94.9 FM in San Diego has contests running through Wednesday, April 19.

106.7 FM (KROQ) in Los Angeles will let you enter via this form through 10 a.m. Monday, April 10.

91.1 FM (91X) in San Diego will let you enter their contest through April 20.

98.7 FM in Los Angeles also has a contest going for weekend 2 passes.

How much are these Coachella tickets?
Mostly free, but you will likely have to pay taxes, and pony up the cash for a place to stay.

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7. Search the secondary market.
This is an unofficial option, so before you take the plunge, you will want to do some homework.

Redditor MyLastNameIsIceCream offered some tips on how to avoid being scammed.

Some reseller sites, including StubHub and Vivid Seats, offer money-back guarantees if the tickets aren’t real. No matter what, read the fine print before you buy.

Beware if you’re buying off Craigslist--many Coachella fans have been burned big time.

How much are these Coachella tickets?
It varies, but in past years, Weekend 2 has typically had lower prices on the secondary market than Weekend 1.

As of April 2, less than two weeks before the festival, this is how Coachella tickets were trending.

Vivid Seats:
Lowest price for Weekend 1 general admission: $537

Lowest price for Weekend 1 VIP: $1,243

Lowest price for Weekend 2 general admission: $429

Lowest price for Weekend 2 VIP: $848

(Worth noting, the general admission prices have dipped since Lady Gaga was first announced as Beyonce’s replacement. Vivid Seats said that on March 1, Weekend 1 tickets started at $593 and Weekend 2 tickets started at $454).

Lowest price for Weekend 1 general admission: $535

Lowest price for Weekend 1 VIP: $1,185

Lowest price for Weekend 2 general admission: $400

Lowest price for Weekend 2 VIP: $747

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