In the battle of Love versus Hate... Love Always Triumphs

August 23, 2017

Miss Pamela talks about the power of love in these tense days of summer

For several years now I have been trying to exorcise the word hate from my vocabulary. Whenever it tries to escape from my lips, I can actually feel the negativity about to spew and I zip it quick.                                    

The H word is as overused as the L word. “Oh! I just loooove your new leggings!!!” Or “Ugh! I HATE that stupid song!” We’ve seen so much hate in the news lately, perhaps the word should be used more sparingly. It’s fine to be totally against racism, bigotry, or abuse of any kind, but do you really HATE the taste of cilantro, or your mini love handles? Do you despise someone because they have a different belief system, or way of thinking?

     It’s hard sometimes to remember that everything in the entire universe, including you and me and all the members of Imagine Dragons is made up of energy, and we communicate through vibrations – positive and negative. Here’s a wee science lesson: Quantum physics says that as you go deeper into how the atom works, you’ll discover that nothing is there – only waves of energy. An atom is actually an invisible force field, like an itty bitty hurricane, emitting waves of pure electrical energy, and like everything else on this planet, humans are made up of these atoms. Incredibly, each of our fifty trillion cells emit 700 trillion volts of electric energy -- which the Chinese call ‘Chi,’ and since we are all connected, our energy waves meet, commingle, and interact continuously. We either meet in sync with harmonious results, or out of sync, creating a destructive effect that actually weakens our Chi. In other trippy hippie terms, we create either Good Vibes, or Bad Vibes with our deeds, words, and even our thoughts. Whew.

     I’ve discovered proof of this factual phenom during live music events. While grooving at a Springsteen concert for instance, the audience is united, commingling positive energies, connected to Bruce and the band, almost becoming one entity -- raising the roof with love. As I walk out of the venue after a Springsteen show, I actually feel the energy circulating between the fans. We are all full of gratitude, hopped up on joy, our fifty trillion cells alive and pulsing, emitting love, love and more love.

     I’m sure you’ve had this glorious experience yourself, as those waves of musical energy tickle your soul and shake up your cells. Take it out the door with you. Try to remember we are all made up of the exact same stuff. Hate hurts. Love heals. “I have decided to stick to love,” said the great Martin Luther King, “Hate is too great a burden to bear.” 

   Before you speak or even think the word Hate, imagine what kind of energy you’re creating. Every word and thought counts. When an ugly or judgmental thought pops into my mind, I conjure up a line from Macbeth by another hero of mine, Shakespeare – “Out, out, damn spot!” Or I see Miss Diana Ross and her Supremes with their hands out of front of them – “Stop! In the Name of Love!” We are in charge of our own minds, and how we use our vast supply of electric energy waves can hurt or heal. We either live in love or in fear.

    My advice? Bring on those Good Vibes.

“I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my sea…”

                                       Believer                                                                                                                                  Imagine Dragons

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