It’s About The Music, Man

March 12, 2018

Devyn Severson rocks another great blog about insoiration and her love of music

I’ve always been fascinated by entertainment and entertaining others. It started with theater for me, and dressing in an entertaining fashion adds a bit of this to my everyday life. My favorite form of entertainment now is music. Even when theater was my passion it had to be a musical because I wanted it all— the singing, dancing, and acting rolled into one.

As my love for classic rock grew more and more of my interests focused in on the music. I want to be around it all the time, I want to be a part of it, and feel it. For you all who may not follow my personal account, my boyfriend is a professional musician— a guitar player for many bands! It’s always funny to me when people assume I’m just there for him. Of course I’m here to support him and help with the show however possible, but I would still want to be here even if we weren’t together. You see, it’s not about the boys. It's always been about the music and I LOVE the music.

As I’m writing this I am sitting backstage of a show somewhere in the Netherlands touring with my boyfriend and his band, The Fortunate Sons (that’s right! A tribute to the great Creedence Clearwater Revival!). I feel incredibly blessed to be here. I am across the world with the love of my life doing what I love and he is doing the same. It just so happens that the two things go hand in hand quite nicely. He gets it and understands that this is what I love too, and I think that’s really important especially in a relationship.

He knows that I want to be here for the same reasons the he does. There’s never a question like “do you want to go to the show?” You better believe that I do! I guess what I’m trying to say to anyone out there is to stay passionate about the music; fall in love and have a great time but don’t lose the fire you have for the drums, the guitar, bass, etc. It brings people together, it’s an international language, and its forever inspiring. 

Always love, 


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