Kate Spade leaves us an important message

June 09, 2018

@crimsonandclover reflects on loss of Kate Spade and taking care of yourself

Just like many of you, several days ago I was shocked to hear that at the age of just 55 Kate Spade had taken her life. In case you're unfamiliar, Kate Spade is a designer with a very well known fashion brand-- mostly popular for their brightly colored, whimsical bags. It's events such as this that make us stop and think for a moment, what could have had her hurting so badly?

For many of us it may be hard to picture that someone who seemingly “had it all” could be in such a low place, but the truth is that things like depression and anxiety don't discriminate. In high pressure career positions especially anyone can slip into these mental ruts and at times it can seem like even your best efforts to claw your way out just end up burying you in more.

It's important to remember that we never know what other people are going through, and sometimes it seems like we go through hell and back! If you are going through something like this know that you are not alone and please, please get help from someone whether it be friends or family or professional. We all need a little extra love and care once in a while. There's no shame in taking care of yourself and taking some time out to recollect our minds in this crazy world. Kate Spade will be remembered by the legacy she left behind and the empire she built. Hopefully the way she left us will be a reminder to love one another and to be kind to yourself.

By @crimsonandvlover


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