Mixing the crazy with the chic... a recipe for success

March 24, 2018

Cinnamon Triano wants the world to see the real YOU
When you have a proper closet, you will become your dream self.  When you have the time and space to lay everything out and pick out each dream outfit, you will become whole.  The world will know who you are, and what you stand for, even through your deep shyness. They will see the true powerhouse that exists within you.  They will know that you can piece together the crazy with the chic.  The strictness of your background and the absolute chaotic mess of your background.  You watched your parents procrastinate enough for a thousand lifetimes.  
Show the world the best version of yourself.  Don’t be lazy and go for function over design. Don’t reserve your style and quirkiness just for the lens.  Be you.  Do it everyday.  Make the time every morning for the wild eyeshadow.  It’s not even that wild.  And if people think its weird, it’s time to stop procrastinating on the Not Giving a Fuck. Remember, no ones really looking away.  And if anyone is, believe the ones who say you look awesome instead of the imagined whispers of, “what the fuck is that girl wearing…”
You are procrastinating in making this an everyday routine, but you have to give yourself credit - you’ve had your bursts of revealing the wacky you.  Recently, you’ve let the Catholic uniform mentality whittle your lively self expression down to an absolute bore.  Stop doing this! It’s a ripple effect into every other project you’d like to do in your life.  The drawings, the animations, the films, the documenting of your own life just for you. Start with the now and the being silly.  Silliness begets glittery life begets fun begets laughter.  Attract like minded silly people by being yourself.  
Why wouldn’t you be your damn self.  Why are you reserving the best part of you for when you feel absolute comfort and serenity? Let the world see the behind-closed-door version of you. The hair whipping, wild life fanatic, fun loving, silly, silly you.  Try to reduce the absolute staunch faith in tomorrow.  Think of all the times you took just a little too long until it was a little too late. 

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