Magical Trip

March 09, 2018

Violet Skyy loves to share stories with her Groupie friends about her adventures, and love hearing all about it. Read on a catch up on the latest road trip of this freewheeling spirit.
"Kicking off" the most magical trip with Billy! I would have written about my trip earlier but I have had no time to myself, it's unbelievable how busy I've been. First off, we get on the boat to go to Long Beach & we spilled our drinks all over the floor, which I felt so bad about. Once we got over town to Long Beach, we could finally relax before starting our week long venture. We stayed in Long Beach for a few nights, visiting my grandparents on their boat, Pegasus, a 41 foot cheoy lee sailboat,  running a bunch of errands we can't get done on the island, & exploring a million & one coffee shops in the area.
After about three nights in Long Beach we set off to the Sequoia National Park, we drove up there which took about six hours because we were stopping everywhere. Entangled with orange crops & lemon trees lied some quaint little towns full of dive bars, hole in the wall restaurants, candy shops, & art galleries. After a long drive we finally made it up to the Buckeye Tree Lodge and this little lodge completely exceeded our expectations in every way possible.
It was very family oriented with kids running around, playing on the swing attached to a beautiful tree outside, a pool, a little gift basket with freshly made muffins, a creek running in the back of the property & a big lush grassy area with benches & tables. Ahhhh, our own little piece of heaven.
Morning among the mountains of Northern California
The first thing we did in the morning was open the curtains up wide & go outside, to our surprise there were a few little lizards basking in the mountain sunshine. I made coffee for the two of us, our room had coffee beans which I got to grind up & brew myself! Billy & I sat on our little chairs outside our sliding glass doors & we shared laughter all morning long with the sunshine shining down upon us & all of our lizard friends.
We got ready to go & our first stop was a museum where, as we were browsing in the gift shop, I heard this clunking sound, almost like a flipper of a seal hitting the water, I look down & see my (old) hiking boots flopping around & the soul completely deteriorating right underneath me! Embarrassed, I glide my feet across the museum floor, Billy laughing hysterically, making it outside to the first trashcan I see.  I'm cracking up with Billy now & we make it to the car so I can switch into my other boots, & by all means these are not hiking boots, these are my nice dress boots that I wear out. So we drove to another gift shop/deli, thankfully there's boots for sale so we both try some on & buy them, not like I had an option but Billy just wanted new boots. We decided we were starving so we drove about five minutes from the place we bought the boots to this fancy, five star restaurant. Not dressed like we should be in such a nice restaurant with our knotted hair, dirty hiking clothes, but clean hiking boots, Billy & I held hands & walked right in & got the most beautiful table looking over the mountains & forest. We ordered so much food, everything was presented so elegantly, even the chicken wings! Truthfully it was one of the best meals I've ever had! After our lunch we drove all over the park & stopped to hike a few areas, climb in the trees, & to explore a meadow; the meadow was a big deal because Billy's never seen one.
Love and romance bloom for our own Violet Skyy on a roadtrip with her BF Billy. FUN FUN FUN!
We had three radio stations while we were in the area, mariachi music, opera music, & THANK THE LORD classic rock with Alice Cooper as the host. Alice was playing the best music & had little stories/facts about the band he just played, it was so neat & very knowledgeable. Around 6:00 pm or so we came to the conclusion that we've seen enough of the park today & we should head back to the lodge. We headed down the long winding road, Alice Cooper trapped in our radio, fog creeping through the trees & rolling over the car. It was about 8:00 pm when we made it back to the lodge, we walked next door where there was a restaurant that was overly priced & not too good but it was decent enough for two hungry people to eat. We got our order to go, at the lodge we flipped through the channels on the T.V. I came across a documentary about Alice Cooper, how perfect is that? I cannot remember what it was called but it was so good, then afterwards a documentary about the music of the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's & the 00's. We stayed up watching all of them but fell asleep in the 00's. When we awoke the next morning we were torn weather to stay another night in the quaintest little lodge or to explore more. We opted to explore, so we packed our bags & off we went.
Among the big Redwoods, Violet Sky enjoys another adventurous road trip.
Leaving the quaint towns behind for some more established ones to drive through, the drive was still beautiful as we made our way up to the Remington Hot Springs. The Remington Hot Springs are in the Sequoia National Park but there's not road through so we had to drive all the way around the park just to go into another entrance. I'm not complaining because I love being in the car with Billy, listening to great music, dancing, & sight seeing. We drove up a narrow two lane road with a sheer cliff on one side & the bottom of a sheer cliff on the next. We eventually made it to the hot springs, hiked down, & they were really crowded but a lot of people were on their way out as we were going down. Talk about perfect timing! There was four hot springs & a huge river running next to us. The hot springs were man made but the water was naturally coming out of the ground, there were mosaics all over with saying "children of the earth", "love one another", ect., & little hand prints & foot prints embedded in the concrete. We had nice conversations with everyone that was left there but soon said our goodbyes as we needed to keep moving forward on our adventure. Once again, we got into the car, drove on a different road, through old towns & made our way up to Mammoth, which that was totally unplanned. On an endlessly straight road at night with blinding headlights we made it to our hotel in Mammoth. The hotel was great, there was a jacuzzi the size of a swimming pool with open windows so when it started to snow the snow was coming inside! After the jacuzzi, we didn't stay up too late because we had more hot springs to explore the next day.
In the morning we got our continental breakfast & headed to Wild Willy's Hot Springs, about 20 minutes from our hotel. Looking at our map it kept saying to turn down these non conventional dirt roads, we gladly abide onto this bumpy curvy road. We get to the "parking lot" of Wild Willy's, look at the path we have to walk down, realizing it's about a 10 minute walk in the freezing cold, so we end up staying in the car to look at the map & see what else is around the area. Luckily for us there's about 10 different other hot springs in the area that you could just drive to. We found a solo little tub hot spring that is not warm enough for us, we hop back in the car onto the bumpy road & go to another called "the boiling crab." We pull up near "the boiling crab" in the near distance there's two people wrapping themselves in towels heading back to their car, we thought to give them a moment to collect themselves, so we explore down a big grassy bank to a steaming pond with ducks wading.
Once the couple got back to their car & drove off into the distance we were completely alone, realizing this, Billy & I both strip down to complete nudity. Freezing our butts off, literally, I hop into "the boiling crab," with both feet & I hopped out faster than anyone could even imagine. Unbeknownst to both Billy & I the water was literally boiling out of the earth then trickling down into this tub that I so willingly hopped into. Now, wrapped in towels, butt naked, were dipping our feet into the tub to see if we could ease into it. After about twenty torturous minutes of our naked butts sitting on freezing stone, in the snow & the bottoms of our feet burning in "the boiling crab" we pronounced that we were going back into the car to find another hot spring. We drove some more on the endlessly rough road to find a few other hot springs, one we could not enter due to the arsenic in the water, some too cold for us, & others too crowded. This was like a classic case of Goldie Locks & the Three Bears, one hot spring too warm, the other too cold, & the last one was jusssst right. We headed back the way we came to Wild Willie's Hot Springs, walked down the path that was too cold to walk down earlier, in the distance we see this oasis with steam rising & couples cuddling up to one another, these were our ponds that were jusssst right.
There were three ponds, two on the right side of the trail & one of the left, the first one we went in was the biggest with a comfortable temperature, we waded for about a half hour before moving to the other side of the trail to the more private one. That one was our favorite, as it was the hottest, we had it all to ourselves, & the best part was it began to snow. Here I am cuddling in a hot spring with the love of my life, in the middle of a field in Mammoth, in a full blown snow storm, I don't think it gets much better than that! As more people began to join us we quietly slipped out into our final pond, crossing over was the most uncomfortable thing we've done, as the ground was made of a muddy clay, so it was slippery, & covered in a thin layer of ice & snow. We jumped into the last pond which was warm but shallow, we didn't spend too much time in this one as it was getting late, when we got done we had to cross over the treacherous icy ground to our snow covered clothes. Hiding behind a rock we struggled to get dressed quick enough, my hair already froze & our noses looked like we were leading a sleigh full of gifts. Once we got back to the car we put the heater on full blast & drove back down to Long Beach.
Life and love bloom in Northern California for Groupie's own Violet Skyy. Check out her blog and enjoy the ride.
On the way home we drove down the same way we drove up, the only difference was we were tired & the headlights weren't blinding. Surrounding us was a pinkish purple hue blanketing the mountains as the sun steeped lower & lower. We got to Long Beach around 8:00 pm, showered & headed to bed. The next day we visited my grandparents & we told them all about our adventures, they adored every moment. We got back onto the boat to head back to the island totally exhausted & not ready for work the next morning, but we somehow managed.
& that was our magical trip!
Violet Skyy

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