Miss P chats it up with New York DJ Alix Brown

August 14, 2018

New York DJ Alix Brown xchats it up with Miss P, pamnela Des Barres
Miss P - How did you develop such wide-ranging cool eclectic musical taste?

Alix - I grew up going to music shops and buying records just purely based on
how cool the covers looked or what I heard on the radio stations in
Atlanta, which thankfully were really good. Also, I hung out with
older kids who showed me the good stuff, cause I'm an only child and
didn't have any siblings to show me things. I then ended up working in
record stores in Memphis and New York which helped me to amass a huge
and varied collection of music.

MP -  Where does your obvious love of classic rock stem from? Who are
your rock faves and why?

Alix - Rock n Roll just always seemed the most welcoming to me. Real music,
made by real people, with SOUL. Music nowadays if you look up who
makes these pop songs it takes like 10 people to write one crappy song
with the most repetitive mundane lyrics. On top of that, there are no
real instruments in these songs either! Bowie and the Stones were
played regularly in my household.

MP - How did you get into the very competitive DJ world? Are there many
successful women in this field? What do you love about it?

Alix - I started DJing and throwing parties with my friends in Atlanta when I
was 16. We were all in bands and ran the scene. It was pretty lawless
back then it felt like. No one cared that we were underage and were
drinking... we kind of just ruled the town!
                                 Alix Brown, New York DJ and gfirl about town, chops it up with Ms P, the iconic Pamela Des Barres Girls are definitely in the forefront of the DJ scene right now! I am part of an all girl DJ / creative agency called Les Filles and we've been traveling and working with brands all over the world. I love that I can play the music I like and get recognition for my taste and not give in and play current Top 40 like so many others.

MP -  Your style is divine. You obviously adore vintage. How did that
begin? How do you develop your “look?” Do you throw it together
whimsically or is it carefully planned out?

Alix - I was pretty punk when I was younger, sometimes that side of me peeks
out every once in awhile. I just wear what I like, I don't like to try
to hard at it.
MP - Who are your style icons?

Alix - Anita Pallenberg, Marriane Faithful, Romy Schneider, Nico, Uschi
Obermaier, Britt Ekland, Iggy Pop, Elvis, Jodorwsky.

MP - How did you and Ms Chung meet up?

Alix - We met through a mutual pal, Tennessee Thomas!

MP - Tell me about your own bands and musical aspirations.

Alix - Not really playing music right now - maybe have a different question?
Maybe about DJing?
                                                                    Alix Brown, New York DJ, shares a moment with Miss Pamela... let the games begin.
 MP - How do you stay so upbeat and joyous in this crazy mixed up world?

 Alix - By staying true to myself and loving my friends and family.

 MP - Who or what inspires you to “spread the love?”

 Alix - Music and nature.

 MP - What’s next on your jam packed agenda?

Alix - Traveling to London in a few weeks to DJ a festival in the country.
Then Paris for fashion week and possibly London again!
Everything lately has been so last minute, so we'll see. Regardless, I
am ready, willing, and able to rock n roll all night!

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