Miss Pamela interviews designer, graphic artist and Beatles superfan, Kailey Troby aka @sassymccartney ! Today it's all about personal style, inner strength and her love for Paul McCartney !

July 14, 2017

Miis Pamela interviews the uber-talented Kailey Troby,aka @sassymccartney as the talk about personal style, inner strength and her love for Paul McCartney

Miss P: Hi Kailey,  its a pleasure to meet you and actually chat with such a talented artist… 

Kailey: Hi Miss P! Thank you; it really is such an honor to get to talk to you since I've been a fan for so long. 

Miss P: You know, I learned about you when I came across your Instagram feed and I fell in love with your sense of style.  You find the cutest dresses and put together amazing retro outfits. Were you always such a groovy Doll?

Kailey: Actually, I only started dressing in vintage around 2015. I think my obsession with The Beatles and their wonderfully dressed wives is what kicked off my crazy obsession with retro outfits. One day I started copying Twiggy's eyeliner and putting my hair up in a beehive and I never looked back. Dressing vintage got so much easier once I found a few stores in Kansas City that carry the perfect stuff for me. I spend most of my weekends at Donna's Dress Shop, Boomerang, and Retro Vixen, all in KC. If you're ever here I'll have to show you around!

Miss P: Whose style were you in love with growing up?

Kailey: Back in the day I probably looked up to someone from Disney channel, as hilarious as it sounds. I pretty much wore what everyone else did, which I think played a huge part in me feeling like I wanted a change, and wanting to be different. So, in some weird way, wearing designer t-shirts and jeans for five years encouraged me to want to stand out. 

Miss P: That's what we are all about at Groupie. We want to celebrate individualism and free thinking. So many times young girls are put down for being independent thinkers and I love it when I see women like you who are fearless with their fashion and their lives. Did the women around you when you were growing up have a strong influence on you?  

Kailey: Me too! I love when people embrace everything about themselves and how it makes them different from others. I'd have to say my family did have an influence on me wanting to be my own person and they are very encouraging everything I do. My grandma and I are very similar and she is such an amazing and strong person and I can only hope to be half the woman she is one day. 

Miss P: And who are you a fan of now? Who is your favorite fashionista?

Kailey : I have so many style icons now! You, of course, and your groovy GTOs. The top models of the 60's like Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton. As for modern girls I look up to, it definitely has to be all my friends I follow on Instagram (vintagejitterbug, theangelinedoctor, gobeil_soleil, chewbekah_, thesixtiesdoll, queenofthesunsetstrip and SO many more). I am seriously so thankful for a platform that allows me to connect with others and make some of the best friends I've ever met. The person I look up to the most of all is Stevie Nicks. She can make anything look great and I constantly save pictures of her outfits to thrift or make myself. 

Miss P: so you design clothes and sew too?

Kailey: I do. I got a sewing machine a couple of years ago after I took a fashion design class and taught myself. I've made a couple of dresses and skirts when I had time to. I really enjoy sketching outfits I plan to wear or make, and if I can't find a dress I want to buy I'm able to create one! It's cheap and fun. 

Miss P: You live in Kansas City but you travel a lot… What are you looking for when you’re roaming the country or the world?

Kailey: I just love traveling! I think it's one thing that makes me the happiest. As soon as I step on a plane I forget every trouble that's facing me outside. I live in a Midwest town with a population of 1,200 and I love nothing more than getting away and pretending I live somewhere else in the world for a week or two. 

Miss P: You are actually the official president of the Beatles fan club on Instagram.   Of course you know they were my first huge crush and we may have to have a friendly arm wrestling match over Paul… But seriously, how did that happen? And are Beatle fans crazy?

Kailey: I am! I'll have to start working out but I'm willing to fight for Paul! Basically one day I decided to start one. I put my design and planning skills to good use and started up an Instagram page with my best friend, Kaley, and we just started posting. We used to have monthly newsletters, membership cards, and giveaways. College has been catching up with me lately, so hopefully one day I can restore it to its former glory. 

Miss P: And you must have lost your mind when you went to London and Liverpool. What was the best part? 

Kailey: I absolutely loved every part of the entire trip. I can't even believe how lucky I am to have gone. The best part for me had to be going into Paul's house in Liverpool. I was fighting jet lag and vertigo the entire day but being in that house was one of the best feelings ever. I got to see the piano he played, the garden, and even his bedroom. Now it's even easier to picture living with Paul in 1963, my ultimate fan girl fantasy! We also went to his house in London and I will unashamedly admit I plucked a leaf from his tree out front and it is still going strong in a frame on my desk today.

Miss P: As I mentioned before, you are a talented graphic artist. What are you creating that we should know about and where can we see your work. 

Kailey: Right now I post most of my stuff on Instagram. My latest was a giant Beatles timeline poster I created for a final project. I've been working with physical media lately, like painting and photography, though I've been starting to get interested in rebranding and logo design. Once I get my portfolio built more I'll create a page to share all my work. I'm about to start my Sophomore year in college and I'm so excited to see what I'll create. I love any kind of art and right now I'm working on creating a Sgt. Pepper dress to wear when I see Paul July 19!

Miss P: Well, before we go do you have any words of wisdom for our Groupies who are trying to find their passion? Anything you want them to know? 

Kailey : Once you find something you enjoy doing, latch onto it and do it like crazy. If it doesn't work, try something else! Not everyone finds what they want to do for the rest of their lives immediately. Take that time to experience a ton of things and learn what suits you. I spent most of my life dreaming of being a photographer but I realized it wasn't for me just before enrolling in college. I knew what I really loved, working with computers and creating art. If you can imagine yourself doing that for the rest of your life and it genuinely makes you happy, you've found your passion. 

Miss P: This has been great and thank you for taking the time to get to know each other. Now we can get to that arm wrestling match. Winner take Paul. Haha.

Kailey: Thank you so much! It was wonderful to talk with you. Next time I'm in L.A. we can call Paul out to referee the match. Sound good? :)

See more of Kailey Troby @sassymccartney and sassy-mccartney.tumblr.com


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