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January 09, 2018 1 Comment

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 Hello, everyone! I have gathered you here today to discuss the evolution of my style and how I ended up dressing vintage. A lot of people have asked this question and wonder what path I wandered down that led me to loving the 60s the way I do. Today, in my first blog for GroupieU, that question will be answered as I share my story with you all. Why?... because I bet we have more in common than we know. 

I have always been interested in fashion, including vintage fashion! The earliest example I can remember was when I was in 1st grade and I would go shopping for clothes at the mall with my mom; my favorite store was The Children’s Place because they had the best sparkly jeans! I loved that store so much that I decided I wanted to design for them, so my 7 year-old-self sketched up some designs and sent them in! My parents were always very supportive of my individual style while I was growing up and my mom was a huge influence on me with her own creativity and projects she worked on. Mom helped with the mailing part of this whole ordeal and I’m not sure if we just sent it to our local store or what but they were sweet and fed my obsession by replying to the little letter.

The vintage fashion fits into the picture a little later when I was given an American Girl doll for Christmas at the age of about 9. I loved this doll so much and took her everywhere. My doll was from the early 1900s in her story and I just adored her little outfits. Sometimes, I would sew her skirts that my grandma had taught me to make from scraps of fabric. Also, it was around the same time that this grandma showed me The Phantom of the Opera and I went head over heels for the music, acting, costumes, etc. I thought it was genius and I still do! I was crazy for it and got my two cousins in on the whole thing, and my friends at school! What a strange thing for 3rd graders to rave over. We used to try to act out scenes and learn it in French by changing the language setting… unsuccessful. I did do some acting in musicals around that time though, a definite result of my love for phantom.

What did the theater time result in? You guessed it: I fell in love with costumes and the idea of designing a wardrobe to tell a story just as effectively as the lines that the actors spoke. The acting ended as I moved from my home in WI to Branson, MO. I was in 7th grade when we moved and definitely intimidated by the new school, which was SO BIG compared to my old school. I really wanted to fit in and that showed as I changed my style to mimic other girls my age. Although, at the end of my freshman year is when I was first really introduced to The Beatles. By this time I was experimenting with pin curls too which was probably a result of my first job at a 50s style diner where we had to dress up in a cute poodle girl skirt and wave at people driving by on the strip.

My family ended up moving back to Wisconsin that summer and at this point, I was going to be a sophomore! I was very happy to be back in the Northwood’s, although I would be attending a different school than before. Of course I was upset about leaving my friends in MO but this meant a fresh start, which I longed for! A new place meant I could start over and be how I wanted to be. That year is when I really began experimenting with fashion again and fell in love with the 1960s style as soon as I saw pictures of Pattie Boyd, Jane Asher, Cynthia Lennon, and Maureen Starkey next to the Beatles. That definitely kicked it off. Then somehow I came across accounts of other girls on Instagram who dressed kind of mod and 60s fashioned which I thought was way cool! I wondered why not me too? I have continued learning about fashion history over the years, I just turned 21 in December, and this is where I am now! Still loving and still learning. It’s been a journey and it wasn’t always very pretty but I had fun. And when, in high school, I would get lazy and just go dressed in whatever I could find that would translate perfectly into dance practice that night, I kept going back to my vintage style every time.

But it’s the music of the sixties that really influenced me the most and after all this time I’m still passionate about it. I still love the music and still love my sixties style clothes that I got when I first went out in search of something that would make me look like I stepped right out of a time machine.

To a lot of people this may just be a story about why I dress the way I do but to me this is a big part of who I am. I wouldn’t be ME without my style and I hope that every one of you is able to be YOU, however that may look to others. So, don’t be afraid to express YOUR individuality, it inspires OTHERS! I know it inspires ME!

Lots of love, Dev x

Photographer: Uriah Young instagram - @uriah_young


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January 11, 2018

What a great story! ?You are a blessing in so many ways! I love your daily costumes that define you!

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