Stop! In the Name of Love

February 04, 2019

Stop In The Name Of Love

So much has been said, sang and written about the ecstasy of FALLING in love, and it does feel like falling, doesn’t it? A free fall, really, one you hope never ends – wheeeee -- unless you land happily in your lover’s open arms. I’ve been in real true romantic love only five times, and loved back by these fellows, thank goodness. And truth be told (always!) I’m in love with all of my girlfriends, my exes, and plenty of male pals too. I’m able to love hard, freely, openly and without reserve, because after a lot of hallowed work, I freely admit, I’m in love with myself as well.

     So many times, we put ourselves at the bottom of our love-list, making sure anyone and everyone comes first. Why? I’m a lifelong Jesus-loving girl, as most of you know, and something he said two thousand years ago might give you another perspective: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” YOURSELF. Yes, that’s what he said -- it’s fine and dandy to love love LOVE yourself too.

   We come down so hard on our sweet selves, listening to that loud jackass voice telling us we didn’t do it right, we shouldn’t have said it that way, we don’t look good enough, do the correct thing, make the right moves. The voice that spews all that hateful nonsense is just the ego trying to be the big ol’ boss of you. But guess what? You don’t have to listen! My spiritual teacher, Light, has helped me to shut that faux monster up in all kinds of ways, but my fave comes from the Supremes. When those three delicious dames sang “Stop! In the Name of Love,” they all held their hands out in front of them like a human stop sign -- and that’s what I do when my silly ego starts blathering negativity.

     So why don’t you go on over to Youtube and watch the Supremes, learn that fancy move from 1965, and when your ego tries to take over, hold your hand out in front of you, and STOP! the inane jibber-jab. Take a deep breath, listen to your heart, and fall in love with YOU.

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