The Opposite of Love

June 07, 2018

Love verses hate... Love Always Wins

How does it feel to say the word “hate” out loud? Several years ago that four-letter word caught in my throat and burned my mouth as it pounced into the world like a dirty bomb. A mouthful of black steam spewing meanness. I can’t even remember what I “hated” at that moment, but it certainly wasn’t worth the guiltsting it left within me. My bloodstream rebelled and I vowed never to use the H-word again. Even when something riles me up or assaults my tender heart, I take some deep cleansing breaths and stop hate from taking form. Hate, after all, is hateful and creates more hatred. It’s like releasing satan from down below and giving him free reign. (I do not believe there is a horned devil lurking in the firepits of hell. Even in that scary, guilt-driven story, he is a fallen angel).

The late, great Michael Hutchence agreed with this ideal in the INXS song, Mediate:                                Hallucinate
Try not to hate                                                                                                                                                         Love your mate
Don't suffocate on your own hate

Hatred is a cosmic boomerang that turns around in mid air, heading right back in your direction. Ouch! That hurts!  Ponder for a moment. Do you really hate anyone or anything? Do you really hate cilantro, or does it just disagree with your tummy? How about that sweet tummy of yours? Do you hate those love-handles? How about the guy you flipped off on the freeway? The politician who does something you don’t agree with? Your brother, sister, friend or mother who just doesn’t understand?

When someone does something awful to you or somebody you care about, and you instantly want to retaliate, you should, of course express yourself, tell them how you feel, but attempt to so with hatred’s opposite, Love. Hate is just another four letter word for fear, and as all the gurus and masters have been telling us for eons, we either live in a state of love or a state of fear.

Reacting with hate, especially saying the H word aloud, causes more friction and keeps humanity on the same lower frequency evoked by the H word. Hatred and fear hold you back, expressing love sets you free. It’s hard to resist.

I have been called a Goody-two-shoes most of my life, and I wear those platforms proudly! My shiny attitude has gotten me out of some vivid predicaments, as you might imagine, but I try to remember that each moment is golden, precious and rare, never to come again, so I kick hate to the curb, and fill it up with love. It’s all we need, right?

Like a bird flying over the hilltops
Love is like the sky, you know it never stops
From the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks
Love is whatever... whatever... You want it to be

Love, by Prince.


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