June 06, 2017

I've always been labeled as "the quiet one". A label I grew to hate so much. To me, being quiet was a bad thing. People made it sound like if you were quiet by nature, you were somehow not as great as the ones who were the life of the party. Like being quiet meant you were boring, uninteresting, complacent, not opinionated...the list goes on.

From childhood to this day, the first thing anyone I ever came into contact with said about me was "you're so quiet". And you know what I want to say to those people?


Yes, I'm shy - at first! I'm the type of person that takes time to get adjusted to new people before I show my true personality (unless I'm drunk, then everything's on the table). There's absolutely nothing wrong with being shy or quiet! Don't let people make you feel bad for being the type of person you are. Just because you don't tell that stranger in line at the grocery store about your yeast infection doesn't mean you're not a social person or you don't have shit to say. It just means you'd rather save the details of your yeast infection for someone you know much better. 
I hate that this world wasn't designed to accommodate the shy and quiet souls who have so much to say but just need time and encouragement to say it. Jobs, relationships, friends...everything and everyone favors the extroverts. And I think that's bullshit. Some of the most reserved people I've met had such kind hearts and amazing insight to things that never even crossed my mind. 
So if you're like me, and you've been labeled as the "quiet one", here's some reasons why you're pretty fucking awesome.
  • Imaginative. We introverts spend a lot of time in our own minds, which means we come up with pretty amazing stories or thoughts. You should probably start writing those down, you could be a famous author or filmmaker some day!
  • Observant. Because we're not constantly talking, we take time to observe what's going on around us. This gives us way better insight into people and what's going on in the world, which we can then turn into that sick novel or movie I mentioned above.
  • Listeners. Have you ever noticed your extrovert friend ALWAYS comes to you when they're having problems? It's because they know you'll listen to them. We have a great sense of knowing when (Pulp Fiction quote alert) to shut the fuck up for a minute and comfortably share silence. By being amazing listeners, we build a sense of trust with those around us quickly, and people look to us as the "wise old man/woman" figure when really we're just as lost as you.
  • Funny. I don't want to toot my own horn here but...I'm pretty hilarious. As I said before, quiet people are very observant - which means we take a mental note of a lot of the funny things that happen in life and joke about them. Our jokes are smart and well thought out, since you know, we're always thinking.
  • Kind. A lot of us are just genuinely kind. We understand what it's like to be left out, and we don't want others to feel that way. So we take it upon ourselves to lend a hand to those in need. Like everyone else, we just want to be accepted. 
Now this certainly isn't the only list of reasons why quiet people are bad ass, but you get some idea. Keep being the amazing thinker that you are! Great things are in your future, just keep moving forward. 
Until next time loves!
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