The Women's March and One Lucky Man

January 22, 2018

Womens March was amazing and full of boss girl energy and love. 

My name is Kim Watson and I am chiming in on the amazing Women’s March we just witnessed over the past weekend. BUT FIRST, I have a confession to make – I am a man. And not only am I a man but I am the ONLY man on the Groupie team. Ahhh, how lucky am I? Very lucky, for I am surrounded by brilliant and motivated women who continue to share their wisdom and enthusiasm not only for the brand we are committed to, but for the mission that brand represents to us all.

Despite what the uninformed might assume, our “Groupie” brand is not about sleeping with rock stars or sneaking backstage for a quickie, though we are definitely free spirits in the R&R tradition. We ARE about a women’s right to do whatever she desires, from that “quickie” should she so choose, to receiving equal pay, to feeling safe in the workplace and the world, to setting her sights on the highest office in the land and reaching that goal without the rancor and negativity we’ve seen in the past – just because she is a woman. We ARE about building community and providing a place to gather with fellow travelers finding their way just as we are finding ours. 

Yes, I am a fortunate man…But I am also a father with a teenage son, Hunter, and what he witnessed firsthand in Los Angeles, for the second year in a row, will help shape the man he will become. He marched and chanted alongside women who proclaimed their passion for freedom and their right to be treated as equals. He was energized, curious and supportive… he was all of the things that many men we’ve been reading about have not been. And when he looked around he could see hundreds of boys and young men like himself, and he could feel the common bond of mutual understanding. These young men showed their commitment to women’s rights and took part in a Women’s March that has activated millions of people … and they will be better men for it.

 Oh yes… this was a “Women’s March” but the boys, young men and grown men who witnessed the power of a unified voice and a shared belief in fairness and equality will never be the same. We thank you!


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