Top Inspirational Apps Designed To Spark Creativity

July 12, 2017

There’s a spark of creativity in every mind, but you may not know how to access it. The daily hum of the city outside and constant chatter from friends might break your concentration, which leads to poor execution in any situation.

Rather than letting technology harm your inspiration, it’s time to let it take the reigns. By using certain apps or applications, you can spark your creativity with the tap of the screen. Take a look at these apps because one might work wonders for your creative mind.

1. TED Talks

A major perk of handheld technology today is your instant access to people across the globe. TED Talks is an app that connects creative people from several genres, including technology, engineering, and design. These people might be established entrepreneurs sharing their experiences or up-and-coming individuals with a brilliant new idea. Discover individuals with unique perspectives so that your creativity can shine.

With the tap of your app icon, you’ll have access to videos posted from around the world. Each video is a maximum of 18 minutes, which breaks the information down into manageable chunks. You might search for videos regarding a certain area, such as visual inspiration.
Get down to the fine details in creativity, such as typography with Matthew Carter. Creating typefaces that work for the general public takes functional creativity that’s often more difficult to wield compared to painting on a canvas.

2. Unstuck

Every person feels stuck at some point in his or her life. This rut might be in the form of a creative block or personal issues. The Unstuck app takes you through a series of questions in order to free up your mind.

These questions might give rise to advice, activities and other tools that can help you break free of your problems. By pinpointing those specific issues, you’re able to work through them at a faster pace. Although a small problem may not seem like a block, it could be a pebble in the dam that holds back all of your imagination.

This app isn’t meant to be a one-time-use tool. It’s actually designed as a progressive resource. The app coaches you with practical suggestions every day that you access it.

Be honest with the app, and it will give you clear instructions on how to move past your stuck situation. At times, you simply need a push to realize that one problem is the cause for your creative block.

3. The Brainstormer

If you’re a writer, blogger or another wordsmith, writer’s block is a real situation that can affect your productivity for days at a time. Try the Brainstormer app that offers you a spinning wheel of ideas. Plots, settings, and styles are all part of these wheel configurations.

This app’s creators know a thing or two about keywords that spark the creative mind. Each time the wheel stops, you’ll have unique words and phrases that get your creative juices flowing.

The wheel isn’t designed to give you an instant idea for a book or screenplay. It’s merely there to spark your mind where it’s been stagnant before. One word from the wheel can instantly trigger your mind to flow with an entire story or plot.

Use the Brainstormer as a tool or relaxing game at day’s end. You never know how the phrases and words will impact your mind.

4. Behance

Inspiration comes in many forms, and that fact includes observations made during your contact with visual aids. Sketches, schematics and other illustrated items can give you the creative push that’s needed for any block in your life.

You’ll find the inspiration that you need for that next invention by using the Behance app. It gives you access to professional portfolios that might jog your mind. Allow the visuals to spark your mind so that an invention, sketch or other design can come to life.

You’re also welcome to make your own portfolio and share it too. It’s possible to upload and alter your creative items from the app. Being part of a collective group with creativity at its core will only help you break free of any blocks.

5. Coffitivity

You might gain some creative and calming thoughts from certain atmospheres, such as a coffee shop. When you can’t make it to the shop, bring it to you with Coffitivity. This app offers ambient sounds for your imaginative pleasure.

Listen to a comfortable level of everyday sounds, such as patrons whispering, coffee pots brewing and gentle clinks of the plates and cups. The app even allows you to place an icon on your device so that Coffitivity automatically launches when desired.

Focus on the ambient sounds as you try to write or draw. Because they offer a white noise, your mind clears away any worries. You’re able to concentrate on those imaginative juices that might dry up without the help of comforting sounds.

Final Word on Creativity

From inspiring visuals to ambient sounds, there’s an app for almost any creative mind. Try each app out before you make a final decision on the best one. Everyone’s mind is different so you’ll discover that some apps speak to you better than others. Allow your mind to reach out, and you’ll find the spark that you need.

 by Heather Redding

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