October 26, 2017

Novelty bags are everywhere of late. Kate Spade boasts a wide selection of accessories that fall into this category, from an elaborate cake bag to a purse that's meant to look like a potted cactus. Charlotte Olympia also offers a plethora — see the taco clutch and fruit basket, not to mention endless iterations of cat-faced bags. And there's no forgetting Judith Leiber, who makes bedazzled clutches that look like everything from French bulldogs to rolls of money

As much as I respect the desire to own something that doesn't look like what everyone else is wearing, I tend to find a lot of these novelty bags a little cheesy. That said, I'm salivating over this crossbody by ethical New York-based label 8.6.4, which I found on American-made-goods retailer Bishop Collective. The bag reminds me of a milk carton like the ones little kids get in school, but the slightly elongated shape, sophisticated leather finish and monochromatic black color render it more polished than twee. And unlike a lot of its more toy-reminiscent counterparts, this bag has a roomy enough storage space to fit more than just a phone and a wallet. That's what I call having your milk and drinking it, too.



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