Why More Celeb Brides Are Embracing The "No-Makeup" Look

July 14, 2018

Why More Celeb Brides Are Embracing The "No-Makeup" Look

Last month, Cardi B shook the Internet when she confirmed that she low-key married Offset in September. It was so low-key that she tied the knot with no gown, no ring, and no makeup. A self-professed fan of big lashes and heavy contouring, Cardi ditched her go-to glam and chose to say “I do” barefaced instead.

And while none of us witnessed those nuptials, the whole world tuned in for Meghan Markle's wedding to Prince Harry — where the Duchess Of Sussex also opted for a look that showed off her natural beauty, including those signature freckles. "You want your spouse to see the person they're marrying and not focus on a trendy makeup look that’s a sign of the times," says her makeup artist Daniel Martin. "The look is about enhancing what you have rather than creating what you don't with makeup."

But Markle and Cardi aren't the only celebrities who took the more laid-back approach. Check out four other mega-stars who stuck to a natural glow for their nuptials, ahead.

Gisele Bündchen looked radiant in barely-there makeup for her wedding to Tom Brady. Would you expect anything less from a supermodel who posed makeup free for Vogue?


Martin didn't stray from Markle's typical makeup look, one that they've developed over years of working together. "Meghan is confident in her own skin and I wanted her to feel her absolute best self the day of," he says. "[You have to] really understand what 'no-makeup-makeup' means to you. Since that look is very objective and personal, each bride should find out what makes them the most comfortable and confident."

The Beckham's nuptials were over-the-top in every way — except for Victoria's makeup. The designer opted for a more natural approach, with a bit of nude gloss and a glowing base.


"I said I do, with no dress no make up, and no ring," tweeted Cardi. Since then, the rapper has been sharing barefaced selfies and videos with her 27 million followers on Instagram, ushering in a new look for the star.

by Thatiana Diaz (click here for complete article)

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