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With Flowers on Her Shoes

I'm going on a trip with my boyfriend, Billy, for a week to the Sequoia National Park, on our way up there were going to make some stops at some fun night clubs/music venues. I am so excited, were going to be doing some beautiful hiking in the area, go to some natural hotsprings & play in the cold crisp weather. I'm especially excited to be dressing up to see some local bands, as I haven't seen a show in a few (long) months. My wardrobe has been feeling sort of drab lately, I've felt the need to spice things up with one of my favorite prints: floral. I have so many, maybe even too many, shoes in my closet so I've decided to give them a spicy treat with a little paint.
Paint your own groovy shoes and set your mind free
You're going to need paint, tunes, paintbrushes, drab shoes, something to put the paint on, & a towel/napkin. The shoes I chose are these little high heels I got from a thrift store, which I absolutely adore!
First off, turn the tunes on, LOUDLY, get your shoes out, then squeeze out whatever color paint you desire.
Now, you're going to get the end of the paintbrush, dip it in the paint, then press that baby on the shoe, a perfect little polka dot should be left once you remove the paintbrush from your shoe.
                                                                                              Check out this groovy DIY and give your drap old shoes new life
Wipe the end of the brush onto the towel/napkin & eventually yours will look something like this:
Cruise this women's shoe DIY and start stepping
That first dot it going to be the middle of your flower, repeat the dots five times making your way around the first. & there you have it, a beautiful little flower! The fun part is having different size paint brushes so you could create larger or smaller flowers. Let your creativity flow with this & have fun! This is my finished product & I am so excited to wear these babes!
Women's shoes and a DIY paint job makes old things new again - and fun too.
I had so much fun painting the high heels, I decided to paint a pair of my boots as well!
DIY your shoes and you'll be feeling groovy in no time
Lots of love & flowers, Violet Skyy
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