Groupie … A Spirit of Strength and Love

Groupie … A Spirit of Strength and Love I’ve written and spoken at length about what it means to be a true groupie, how I’ve spent most of my life attempting to redeem a word that has been twisted and turned in all the wrong directions. Yes, it began as a simple statement of fact. That girl is with a band so she is a groupie. But oh how it has come to mean so much more. The love of music of course, the love of great art, the love of self and a community that supports and empowers us, bringing with it the joy of being understood by like-minded souls all over the planet who are feeling it just the way you do. You know they are out there.

I am one of them. It’s a pleasure to meet you!

GroupieU is a place where we can connect with each other, to share our true, fearless thoughts and ideas, to know there are others who won’t back down, who won’t turn the other way -- those who will carry the torch of beauty, sensuality, bravery, sisterhood and strength in the face of life’s challenges, dancing all the way.

I believe this invisible connective tissue will spread out in all directions and assist our sweet spinning planet, Mother Earth, a lady herself, who could use a little of that hippie-flower-child-groupie LUV right about now.

Let’s be muses for each other, dolls. Don’t forget, a muse is also amuse. So amuse yourself, amuse those around you, flaunt, smile, laugh, reflect what you know is within each person you encounter along your path. All you need is love. Love is all there is.

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