There is no GroupieU without music! Music is a driving force behind the Fashion, Passion, Creativity and Inspiration that is our mantra and promise to you. Join us here as we will share our favorite artists, guest DJ’s and playlists with all of you.

But this is a two way street. GroupieU wants to hear your favorite artists, and play your favorite songs on playlists YOU create and post on Groupie. It’s easy, just submit your Spotify playlist tt and join the other Groupie’s who know that the best part of GroupieU is sharing our passions.

The very essence of style and feminine grit, Blondie never failed to push the envelope and make the boys AND girls in the crowd scream. Check out this remix by Phunktastike.

Aretha Franklin, The Queen Of Soul, is everything a singer should be. Talented, soft and gentle when needed and kicking butt and taking names when it's time to belt out her timeless lyrics. She remains the epitome of Soul and a bright light that illuminates our way along the music highway./231720454

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